Become a Sponsor

We are very thankful for you willingness to sponsor one or more children in Vietnam.

We commit ourselves to provide you with updated information about the child or children you chose to sponsor.

The study fee for one child is 60 USD or 48 EUR or 1.800 NTD per semester.

There are two semesters in the year, and we transfer the money for the sponsorships to Vietnam before the beginning of each semester.

You can give your contribution in the amount and time you wish, but you will ensure that before the beginning of the Semester (15th of January and 15th of June) you will have given us at least the amount enough to cover the study fees for that semester of the child or children you accepted to sponsor. If you have given us more than that amount, the surplus will be kept in your account for the following semester, unless you specify otherwise. We will send you regular reports on your account's situation.

If you cannot continue to sponsor the child(ren), you can, of course, discontinue the sponsorship. But we ask you to inform us of that decision at least one semester in advance. For example: when you send us the sponsorship before the beginning of the semester, you can inform us that it is the last time you give the contribution. That will give us some time to try to look for another sponsor for that child.

Please contact us if you have any question or want to become a sponsor.