Chronology of the life of Poullart des Places

1679 26 th February: Claude-François Poullart des Places was born at Rennes in France and baptized the following day
1685 The des Places family moves to the parish of Saint-Germain
1690 They move again to rue Saint-Sauveur. Claude-François enters the Collège Saint-Thomas in October
1693-1694 First studies at Rennes
1694-1695 Studies at Caen
1695-1698 Studies philosophy at Rennes
1698-1700 Studies law at Nantes .
1700-1701 Returns to his family at Rennes
1701 Enters the Collège Louis-le-Grand in October
1702 Receives the tonsure on August 15th
1703 Foundation of the Community of the Holy Spirit, May 27 th
1704 Retreat with the Jesuits at Christmas
1705 Receives minor orders, June 6 th . The community moves to rue Neuve-Saint-Etienne, (rue Rollin)
1706 Receives the sub-deaconate, December 18 th
1707 Ordained deacon, March 19 th and priest, December 17 th
1708 Arrival of M. Louis Bouic, a deacon from Guillac, diocese of Saint-Malo
1709 The community moves to rue Neuve-Sainte-Geneviève (rue Tournefort) on October 1 st . Claude-Poullart des Places dies on October 2 nd and is succeeded by M. Garnier
1989 October 1 st : The Decree opening the Cause of Canonisation is promulgated.
Poullart des Places, 16 years old
Louis le Grand
Poullart des Places' community lived here since 1705

St. Etienne du Mont, where was buried Poullart des Places