How to become a Spiritan

The Spiritan Missionaries can be Religious Priests or Brothers, or associates who share our spirituality.

To become a professed member, 4 questions to ask yourself: 

  • Am I ready to work with the poor?
  • Am I willing to serve outside of my Church of origin?
  • Do I feel attracted by the 3 vows of religious life lived in international community?
  • Am I ready to study the language of the people where I will be sent?

We welcome candidates between 20 and 30 years old, who have at least completed secondary education. After meeting a Spiritan, you will be invited to write your admission request. You will then start your Spiritan life with a formation in community to become a religious and a missionary, as a priest or a religious brother. This typically takes 1 or 2 years of discernment, 3 years of philosophy in your own country, 1 year of novitiate in English language, 3 years of theology with a pastoral mission after the 2nd year, until you receive your missionary appointment. Chinese Spiritans may be sent to China, or elsewhere.

If you are younger than 20, you can still contact us and start preparing for the future.

If you cannot become a candidate to religious life but would like to share our spirituality and mission, we will be happy to welcome you as an associate in our family.

The vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience

Contrary to what one might think these vows allow us to live freer lives!

In poverty we give up the search for material gain to live like Christ at the service of others.

Through obedience we engage ourselves in a prayerful dialogue of how we can best serve the mission of the gospel so that we can use our gifts and talents to contribute to building up the kingdom of God.

In celibacy we undertake to live a fruitful life at the service of Mission by choosing not to be married and have a family.